Yippee! Lost another 1lb this week

What do they say?  Slow and steady wins the race.  I know 1lb is not a huge amount but hey, a loss is a loss and its 1lb nearer to a healthier me.

That brings me up to a total of 12.5lb loss so far which averages out at a steady couple of lb every week.

Had a lovely night out yesterday which I’ll tell you a little more about when I next post.

See you then!

My Weightloss Journey

Well its lunchtime so I am sneaking in a quick post.

I just had yummy vegetable pasta which DH made for me.  Its part of my GI eating plan.  I am calling it an eating plan as it needs to be a way of life for me rather than a diet.  Of course its a great way of losing weight which is precisely what I need to do.

To press I have lost 11.5lb in 5 weeks.  Tomorrow is my weigh in day so I’ll let you know how I have got on – hopefully it will be positive news – keep your fingers crossed for me!

Red Sky at Morning

Yes, I know its a cliche but we had a really beautiful red sunrise and as expected its freezing outside – even some frost on the car for the first time this winter. 

We live quite high up on the edge of the moors.  It was bright and sunny for my drive into work.  Down in the Calder Valley a ribbon of  fog swirled through the whole valley making a new and deeply mysterious  river of mist – really beautiful and I was sorry I didn’t have a safe place at the roadside to stop and photograph it.

Scrooge the Musical with Tommy Steele

Went to see this on Friday at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford.  What a magical show – we were all entranced.  Can’t believe Tommy Steele is 72,  he was dancing round the stage!


It really was an early Christmas present.

My only disappointment was that the souvenir programme was in black & white except for the advertisers pages – come on Alhambra – why such a cheapskate programme?

A quickpage for my friend Alana

Made a quickpage to celebrate my friend Alanas birthday earlier this week.  The wellies were a birthday gift from her sister and the umbrellas are custom designed from her Mom’s painting entitled Koi Encounter.

Quickpage for Alana

The cute wellies were a gift from her sister and the umbrellas in the corners are custom designed from her Mom’s original artwork Koi Encounter.