and the winner is………..

Thanks to everyone who entered my competition to win My Memories Suite V2 Scrapbooking Software

It was great to get all your feedback and lovely comments.

 So, I know you’ve all been eagerly waiting to hear who’s won the fabby software.  Sorry to have kept you waiting but I’ve been in work all day.

And the winner is…..

drumroll please……….

Joyfully Orange

Congratulations  on your win – you are going to love, love, love this software  

So, just send me your email and I’ll let you know how you can claim your free copy of the worlds favourite scrapbooking software.

I’d love to be able to give you all a copy………. so, I’ll be running another competition before too long.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and you’ll be the first to find out.

I’m also liking the idea of giving some freebie kits and templates away too so do stay tuned.

And talking templates heres a sneaky preview of my Bling Cookies template with its cute gingerbread elements

Thanks again to everyone who entered the competition

3 thoughts on “and the winner is………..

  1. Hi Cat! WOW! WOOHOO! YIPPEE! I actually won! Unfortunately my modem went bad so I can’t connect to receive my prize until Monday evening after they bring me a new one, and I’m hoping that it is that simple. I just saw that your car was rear-ended! I will go read your post when I’m not having to use my cell phone, but I hope you are not injured!
    Also, congrats on the weight loss! I’ll have to read what you are doing so I can join in! I need to lose 50 + lbs. I was losing until a new medicine made me gain 21 lbs and now I can’t seem to lose any, and I wasn’t even trying before, it was just coming off.
    My email addy is:
    I’ll be looking forward to the email!! Thank God for smart phones! I can read the email at least. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! And thanks in advance for the freebies you are planning to give away, I so need more to work with for my new program!

    Many Blessings, Deborah/JoyfullyOrange

  2. Hiya Cat! I have left you comments all over the place with my email addy, next stop is your FB page LOL, and I already hit your MM designer of the week page where you announced it. is my email and I am checking it multiple times a day waiting for the awesome info to get my copy of the program. I already have stuff picked out to buy with the coupon too!! ROFL!

    Hugs and blessings and prayers you are recovered from your car accident!!’

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