Are you one of the lucky winners?

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my blog – the winners of a free kit each have been picked at random….

Tammy Poland, a copy of Winter Wonderland has your name on it

Winter Wonderland

Tracy Brown, a copy of Little Jesus Nativity is set aside for you

Little Jesus

Dree Getz, yours is Animal Magic

Animal Magic

Now. all of these kits have a bundled version so I’ve decided to send the full bundled version of each which contains a variety of add ons such as extra wordart, stacked papers and clusters.  So, if you lucky winners would email me at catherineriley ‘at’ I’ll arrange to get your kits to you.  These are the versions that will be winging their way to you:

Winter Wonderland Bundled

Winter Wonderland Bundled Kits

Little Jesus Full Nativity

Little Jesus Full Nativity Bundle

Animal Magic Bundled Pack

Animal Magic Bundled Kits

This one is brand new  – too new to even be featured in store yet!

Have fun with your kits ladies,

Happy Scrapping

Catherine x



3 thoughts on “Are you one of the lucky winners?

  1. Thank you so much. I received Animal Magic, I got the bundle :-) The animals are gorgeous. I can’t wait to make something fantastic. I will share it but keep in mind I am a newbie. Thank you again.

    • The key is to have fun! If you are interested in joining a couple of groups on Facebook I belong to a freebies group and another one where there are lots of tutorials. Let me know if you want to join them – there great place sfor hints, tips, encouragement and of course freebies to help build your stash

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