Bless me Father for I have sinned….

‘Pie & peas please’

If I heard that once I heard it 250 times on Saturday.

Our wonderful Ladies group from Sacred Heart & St Patrick’s Church hosted the lunches for the Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing Festival where the main attraction was the pie & pea lunch.

It was all hands on deck at 10.00am with the arrival of the pork pies from Lockwoods, all freshly baked that morning and looking (and smelling!) delicious. 


There were bread buns to be sliced, buttered and filled with meats and cheese.


We set up a mini production line to cut, butter, fill and wrap each breadbun.

Tables & chairs to be  set up, spoons & forks wrapped………….

all wrapped up

 peas to be cooked……….

Bubbling away

pass the salt



and taste tested

 pies to be warmed in the oven ……….

18 dozen pies in 1 oven?

Many hands make light work and finally everything was ready

we were able to take a breather at 11.30 and conduct the all important quality test before being let loose on our unsuspecting public!

gotta do a quality assurance taste test

Bless me Father for I have sinned……

Yes, I broke my diet and had pie and peas with the obligatory mint sauce.  For those not Yorkshire born and bred, me included, its very strange to put mint sauce on pie and peas but they go together like fruit cake & Wensleydale cheese – simply yummy!

bless me Father for I have sinned.......

The customers must have been drawn in by the wonderful aromas as the first hopefuls turned up just as we all sat down.  How cruel of us to make them wait until 12.30!

We were busy from the moment we set up shop and I have NEVER seen so much mint sauce consumed in such a short space of time – we had to change the serving spoon to a teaspoon to avoid running out!

But run out we did, not a cake or a pie was left by 2.30! 

Who ate all the pies?

By then the crowds, mummers, dancers, the Rushcart and the lads pulling it had all moved on to their next venue but not before drinking the bar dry first!

Tired but happy we were all cleared up and cashed up by 3.30 and to look at the place you would never know that any of us had passed through

If you want to find out about the Rushbearing check out their website here – sorry I didn’t get to take any pics but we were just too busy serving up those pie and peas!

Sacred Heart & St Patrick’s Ladies Group meets alternative Wednesday’s in the Church Hall, 8pm, all welcome!

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