Digital Scrapbooking & Me

I am guessing that most of you who have found your way here are already scrapbooking.

But are you doing it digitally or the more traditional paper based way?

Like most other people I started off scrapping the cut and paste paper way and I’ve managed to accummulate an impressive stash of papers, embelishments, inks, stamps and various tools and adhesives.

I love the touchy feely side of scrapping but for me its just too slow and too messy.

In 2008 I was making a memory book for my Dad’s 80th birthday.  With simply hundreds of pictures to scrap I was like a pig in muck but progress was slow as I’m kind of a perfectionist – you know what its like when you just don’t know when to stop adding to a layout?

And my hubby was less impressed with my creativity which kind of took over the dining room table!

The main problem was that I started to run out of time and was looking for a way to speed things up.

Thats when I found digital scrapbooking while surfing on line – couldn’t quite believe my luck when I found quick pages – and lots of them, and even better lots of free quickpages.

Digifree, now Craft Crave, was my salvation with Dads book as I raced through the remaining pages.  His album was a real hybrid mix with some complete paper pages, some complete digi and a few with elements of both.

And after that I was hooked.

I joined Scrapgirls loving the high quality supplies – its surprising how fast you can accumulate a digital stash and how little space it takes up!!!

Then in 2009 hubby was diagnosed with a chronic illness and my creativity went down the toilet pan.

For months I didn’t touch a digital page and thats by and large been the position since with the notable exception of Mum’s 80th birthday album.

But what I did do was start designing in a small way and selling my kits within Artscow.  12 months ago they launched templates and I found something I was really good at.  Somewhere out there 25,000 people are using products designed with my templates!

And then recently I’ve started designing for My Memories and selling my kits there.  Its keeping me pretty busy and also keeping the wolf from the door now we are down to 1 income.

And my paper stash lies untouched…..anyone want to buy it from me?

So now you can checkout my latest kits here or on my Facebook page or my My Memories store.

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