Accidental Damage

You’ll remember I had a rear end shunt in the car a little while back.

I’d thought I had got away with a few aches and pains and would soon be back to myself.  Needed a couple of days off work but otherwise felt ok.

Then I got hit with rather bad toothache over last weekend.  A trip to the dentist on Monday ended up in me having a root canal treatment.  But I was in so much pain I hardly cared at that point – at least Andrew (dental surgeon) was able to save the tooth.

However… soon as the nerve was removed I realised that my lower jaw was even more painful.  Andrew thought it was referred pain which would settle now that the problem tooth was sorted.

If only……..

By Tuesday I was in so much pain even with strong painkillers that I had to leave work.  I daren’t tell you how many painkillers I was taking but between Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and codeine it was barely even taking the edge off the pain.

On Wednesday I went back to see Andrew who confirmed that this was not referred pain but a whole new problem with the tooth directly opposite the original problem – this time an abscess and not redeemable.   More antibiotics, more painkillers and the prospect of an extraction when the infection has cleared enough.  So that’s one cracked crown and one cracked root all as a result of my little rear end shunt.

Thursday, yet another visit to the dentist (I have my own chair there) this time for the most excruciating experience ever to have the abscess drained.  It was frozen and numbed somewhat with Novocaine (which gives me the shakes) but still   awful.  I’m afraid I was a complete baby  and must have scared off the woman in the waiting room.  I drove home and resorted to yet more codeine to knock me out as soon as I got home.

Friday passed in a bit of a blur but Saturday was pretty memorable.  I had to go into work to finish a really important report and couldn’t take any codeine as I wouldn’t have been able to either drive or produce any coherent work.  Lets just say the pain really set in and leave it at that.  I managed to finish by 3, home by 4 and hitting the painkillers again.

I actually slept until they wore off and the pain woke me up.  Now its 4 in the morning and I’m just catching up with you all before the codeine knocks me out again.

Please keep me in your prayers, I am so not looking forward to Monday and having this tooth out……..