Digital Piracy is Theft

I have read that phrase hundreds of times – literally every time I have downloaded a digi kit from the internet (yes I buy them as well as selling them!!)

But what does it actually mean?

It basically means that if  you use the kit outside the specified terms of use that come with the kit then you are stealing the intellectual property of the designer – and thats theft.  Its effectively stealing the ideas expressed in digital form. The theft could be by claiming them as your own (be that expressely or by ommission) or by passing them on in a way that is not permitted -that may for instance be by passing on a download link rather than directing another customer to the designers source blog or website.

In the past I have been able to spot pirated work and actually inform the designer in a couple of instances. Never ever gave any thought to being affected by it myself though.  That is until I got a FB message from an Artscow customer who is familiar with my work.  She had spotted several of my fleece blanket designs (of which I am rather proud) being passed off as the work of another Facebook user.

When challenged the thief protested her innocence – like a small child who whines ‘I didn’t do it’ when caught redhanded.  The truly disappointing thing for me, aside from her plastering my images and those of my family all over her facebook page was the barefaced lies she still persists in telling. An admission and an apology would actually have been sufficient at one point.  In the face of her obstinate and arrogant lies I am now considering taking legal action along with the other designers whose work she stole.

Unsurprisingly she has blocked me from commenting on her FB page and I won’t demean myself by mentioning her name here or that of her ‘store’ but if you were to imagine a ‘kicking & screaming‘ naughty child with a vulgar exaggerated hairbow bought on FB perched on her silly  head you wouldn’t be far from the mark……I guess her customers would be distinctly unimpressed with her thieving ways and lack of integrity.

This thief has actually done me a favour though as I harnessed all my anger and outrage that weekend and opened a store of my own on FB which is now doing very nicely thankyou. A big shout out to Celeste Lombas of Touched By A Butterfly who did all the work loading it onto my  CatDesignz Facebook Page

Of course I also had to really focus on my own Terms of Use which are now detailed within all of my kits rather than relying solely on the blanket TOU issued by My Memories.

I’ve added a page here on my blog too so that they are easy to find – no excuses!

My parting thought for today?

This blog and its content are protected by international copyright

All rights reserved


happy scrapping

Happy Birthday Celeste

Well, hadn’t planned on launching another large kit so early in the new year but sometimes you just have to go with the flow

So please meet Celeste……

Named after Celeste Lombas who gave me the initial inspiration for the kit.  And it just sort of came together over a couple of days right in time for her birthday this week.

Celeste loves butterflies and the colour pink so its packed full of flowers and butterflies. I used goodies that I’ve designed some time ago but saved up for that special kit, not really knowing what I wanted to use them for so putting it together was really quick (well for me anyway!)

The colours are modern and bright with black and grey as a foil for the pink and green but I think the lace and gentle butterflies give it a kind of vintage feel.

The Celeste kit is available now at My Memories and is also my debut kit on my Facebook Product page at CatDesignz

In the future my kits will be available on my Facebook page even before they hit the My Memories store!! Over the next few weeks I’ll be unloading my whole product catalogue there including some excusives that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Take a look at some of the layouts by my CT, Linda, Celeste, Ann & Rachel they are simply stunning

I only managed to make a single layout with it myself so far  as I got a little sidetracked into making add on wordarts and frames and didn’t really get chance to draw breath yet!  Also I got caught up in a digital piracy issue when a friend informed me that my images were being shamelesly used as their own by a business on facebook ( but more of that in another post on another day, my gorgeous kits are my priority now rather than some unrepentant thief whose only defense is ‘I don’t know what you mean’ when patently she knew exactly what she was doing!)

the gazebo is available as a standalone mini kit and it makes a perfect whimsical frame don’t you think? This is Nathan waiting for bride Helen to arrive at her wedding to my Brother-in-Law Andy. Cute or what!?!

The Separate floral frames were a little sidetrack too!


5 Generations By Rosemary Kanspendos


Talking of getting sidetracked here are the Celeste wordarts. You can get them as a money saving bundled pack or each one standalone

Now I happened to know that Celeste was planning a blog hop over on Touched by a Butterfly for her birthday so I made her a little matching wordart and she updated her whole blog to match



I love both versions – the first was made with Purple Heart and Pinkadink Simply Papers Kits and the second with Celeste of course!!

I hope you have as much fun using these kits as I had designing them.

Thanks to Rachel, Ann, Celeste & Linda for their gorgeous samples – you rock girls.

And of course, Happy Birthday Celeste – thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful day on your birthday!

While you are here don’t forget to enter my competition to win a copy of My memories Software V3 – all the lovely layouts on this page were made using the software – it really is simple and intuitive to use.

Happy Scrapping

Stop Press!!!!

just Discovered that Linda updated her blog Mommies Place of Play with my new kit too – I am so honoured, thankyou Linda x