New Year, New Software Givaway

Whats your favourite new thing that you want to do this year?

For me, its going to be the year that I achieve my weight loss goal (yes, I know, you are going to hear a lot about this in the next few months!)


This lovely page was made by Ann with my New Year New Me Kit


But if this is the year that you want to finally do something with all your precious photographs then you are in the right place…….



The software is the world’s favourite digital scrapbooking software and its so user friendly and easy to learn that you will be producing masterpieces within days.  It’s really intuitive – no steep learning curve like Photoshop – just download it, open it up and you’re off.


Why digiscrap you might ask – and you wouldn’t be the first

  • well, all the cool kids are doing it!
  • theres no mess to clear up
  • you get to use all your supplies time and time again
  • the digiscrap world is full of gorgeous inspiration, oh, and freebies!!!

if you really needed any more reason check out Digiscrappin with Jen for a whole list of reasons!


How to Enter:

To be in with a chance of winning you simply have to leave a comment on this blog post.  To double your chances follow my blog and to tripple them like my CatDesignz Facebook Page and post a comment on there about this givaway and you’ll have 3 entries.

Good luck and please tell all your friends who are interested in digi scrapping


And talking of givaways here is a freebie to get you started off with your digital supplies.

 Download the freebie here


It’s a png file so its suitable to use within any graphics programme not just My memories Suite v3.   And yes, it’s a new format – I mostly scrap in 12 by 12 so this is a diversion for me.  It’s so easy to just drop your photo in though  especially within My Memories Suite.  Have a look at the finished version which took me less than 30 seconds just to add the date and place details



You will find other freebies here from time to time so its really worth following if you want to start or add to your digital stash.

So, don’t forget to add a comment to this blog post then follow this blog and finally hop over to CatDesignz FB page, like it and add a comment there.  The lucky winner will be announced here on the blog after entries close on 16th January.

By the way, all the pages featured in this post were made with my kits and/or using My Memories Suite v3 software

If you are wanting to add a header to your FB timeline its perfect for doing that…..

or maybe you want to build your own blog header – Celeste from my Creative team did that using one of my kits Purple Heart (though rumour has it she’s about to update it with a little birthday gift I made for her!)  You can see it at Celestes blog Touched by a Butterfly where you can catch up on all her wonderful paper crafting – have a look at her forthcoming blog hop while you are there.



I just spent the last few days making new kits and wordarts which will all be in store at My Memories soon so I’ll let you know about them as they become available.  In the meantime heres a perfect one for capturing all those new year images, its my Celebration Wordart



Thats all for today folks, happy scrapping and good luck with the competition

New Year New Me

Well, 2011 is drawing to a close.  So far I’ve managed to lose 31.4 lb of my excess baggage.  Slower progress than I would like but its all going in the right direction.

The last few weeks have been frustrating – first I had the dreaded noro virus which completey threw me off my stride.  Then no time off work due to covering for a colleague and then horror of horrors, my laptop decided to blue screen.

So, no designing, no keeping in touch via FB, no blogging and no internet Christmas shopping!!

I suppose it could have been worse as the crash coincided with a price crash on PC’s and laptops and I was able to get a high spec laptop for a bargain price.  We so cannot afford it right now but then we so can’t afford for me to be without it either….

I toyed briefly with the idea of a mac rather than a pc but just couldn’t come to terms with paying more than double for the same spec.  This is what I settled on….Dell XPS 17 inch Laptop

She, and its definitely a female, arrived just before Christmas and it took best part of 2 days to transfer my file structure and data over.  She is one racy lady – sleek aluminium  cover for starters and a lit keyboard which is such a luxury for me.

Inside is just as impressive – core i7 2nd generation  processor, 8G  Ram, 1TB memory and a 3GB dedicated graphics card.  No name for her yet so suggestions are welcome.

So now she’e earning her keep and I’ve been busy making a couple of new kits – mostly inspired by my weight loss journey and the New Year New Me concept.

I know that lots of people start a health kick in the New Year and documenting things really helps t keep track and motivate – well it does for me any way.

As well as the main kit there are some tongue in cheek wordarts

The Biggest Loser

In the Zone

Ditch the Junk in the Trunk

My smashing design team have come up with some ideas of their own too.  Rachel is making great progress with her own journey – looking good Rachel!

She’s also used it to set her goals – this turned out great – perfect to pin on the fridge door!

Of course the kit is pretty versatile with over 180 individual elements including a full alpha so you can use it for all sorts – not just health & fitness or weight loss projects

Its a minor miracle for me to scrap a page myself but I managed this one for Emily with the My Memories swap crop – such a lovely picture Emily – thanks for the inspiration!

Oh, and I even made my new Facebook Timeline header with the kit – that way I’m reminded every time I log on! (you can see it at the top of this post)

and finally my own target record to help keep me on track

So, heres to a great 2012 – a year for looking after yourself and being the best you that you can be!

Happy New Year!

Minus one Pre Molar

Thanks to all of you who have been asking about my health – I really appreciate all your concern, good wishes and prayers.

I had the offending tooth removed on Monday which was a relief.  The pain is much much better but I think I will probably need another course of antibiotics as my jaw is really sore and swollen still.

My sleep pattern is totally shot so I’m walking round like something from Zombies Dawn of the Dead right now!

Been back in work since Tuesady but not really firing on all cylinders yet.

It was my weigh in day today and happy to say I’ve lost another 2.5lb this week taking me to 20lb overall so far.  I reckon 5g of that was the tooth that was removed – ha!

I’ve been asked by a couple of people whether I took any pictures of me at my fattest and the answer is no, I was always either behind the camera or postively dodging everyone else’s!

However I do have an avatar of me at my heaviest

These things never give the full picture as they don’t show all the real lumps and bumps and cellulite but hey, you get the idea!

The next is me at my weight today, still a long way to go but 20% of the way to my long term goal.  I’ve taken 3.9 points off my BMI and reduced my body fat as a % of my total weight by 12.5% since the end of July.  I am hovering around the border between morbidly obese and obese so that will be the next mini hurdle to jump.  By the time I am over it I will be the same weight I was last November when I broke my ankle – a whole year out of my life thanks to a dodgy pavement that the council even  now can’t be bothered to mend.

And finally here’s my goal weight

It will probably take me to the end of next year to get here but I am absolutely determined.  

I was hunting through some old pictures yesterday and found one of me taken in 1983 and I was as slim as that so no real reason why I can’t be again.

Everyone who sees me now is commenting on how well I’m looking which is great.  And everyone is also asking how I am doing it, I suppose in the hopes that I might have found some painless, easy way to shed the pounds.  The sad truth is that its not easy, its a hard slog and every tiny bit of progress is hard fought.

I am counting calories with the help of the Weight Loss Resources website which lists absolutely everything.  Its a simple input and output equation with me aiming to reduce my calorie intake by 1000 per day below what my body needs. In my case its 1100 calories per day that I am allowed and its up to me to make wise choices.  I try and get a good mix of whole grains, fruit veg and lean protein.  That should have me loose 2lb per week.

My larger loss this week is due to my body being messed up with Codeine painkillers which basically stop the digestive tract from functioning properly.  Now the offending tooth has gone I don’t need such strong analgesics and my body has readjusted to include some of what I actually lost last week but which was masked by my being somewhat bloated.

So, onward and downward and lets see if I can get into the obese category in the next couple of weeks.

Keep smiling

Yay, I lost 3.4lb this week!!!

Ok, so I didn’t really do anything much different this week.  I’d been jogging along losing 2lb a week or therabouts since starting my weight loss journey.  Then, out of the blue the scales showed this comparatively massive loss on Saturday.

Still burning the midnight oil getting my store populated at My Memories, still working full time, still supporting hubby with his doctors appointments.   Still carefully watching everything that I eat and keeping within my calorie allowance. 

The only thing I did any different is I started taking a CoQ10 supplement in a high dose 2 weeks ago.  Its supposed to increase the efficiency of the cells engines or mitochondria and thus help burn fat.  I don’t know whether thats what has made the difference but what the heck, who cares?  3.4 lb is 3.4 lb and I’m no longer toting it around.

My total to date is 17.4lb in 9 weeks so I’m feeling smug.  While its hardly the biggest loser it is going in the right direction.

Hubby is coming up with different low cal meals for me each evening – last nights offering had flags of spinach speared in a cherry tomato as garnish for seasoned lemon sole, pineapple, peppers stuffed with couscous and cucumber with spicy relish – it was really delicious and made me smile too – thanks for being so considerate Vince xxx

Here are some of the Kits and templates I made over the weekend – they’ll be in store over at My Memories in the next few days.

This is my new Dove Kit

and a couple of ‘Firsts’

Nathans First Day at School

and Nathan’s First Bike 

Don’t forget there is still time to win a copy of the My Memories Suite V2 software.  Just leave a comment on my blog post here and I’ll be chosing the winner at random on October 1st.

You can increase your chances of winning the My Memories Suite Software by liking my Facebook page and by leaving a comment on one of my pictures  in my Facebook Photo Gallery.  Good luck!

let me know what you think of the new kit……

Happy scrapping

10.6 of these!

pretty gross…..

that is what 1lb of fat looks like  …..yeuck
 I’ve lost 10.6 of these since I started calorie counting in mid July!
This weeks total is 1.84lb which is a little less than my 2lb target but still moving in the right direction
Now, I may not be the biggest loser, its a slow and steady start to my weight loss journey as its very difficult for me to do cardiovascular exercise right now after my ankle surgery.
But every lb is progress and when you look at it like that little lot, its actually pretty satisfying to take in that I’m no longer carrying around all that lard
Please remind me of that when I next say I only lost 1lb this week!

Yippee! Lost another 1lb this week

What do they say?  Slow and steady wins the race.  I know 1lb is not a huge amount but hey, a loss is a loss and its 1lb nearer to a healthier me.

That brings me up to a total of 12.5lb loss so far which averages out at a steady couple of lb every week.

Had a lovely night out yesterday which I’ll tell you a little more about when I next post.

See you then!