Win My Memories Suite V2 Scrapbooking Software

Yes, you read it right, I’m giving away a copy of My Memories Suite V2 scrapbooking software on September 30th. 

To be in with a chance of winning hop over to My Memories and see which of my design packs or templates is your favorite and tell me why in  a comment on this page.

Simply Love Mask TemplateVol 3

You can double your chance of winning the word’s favourite scrapbook software by liking my new Facebook page and if you are feeling really lucky make a comment on one of my photos on  Facebook  for a third winning opportunity!

The software is really easy to use with heaps of tutorials available on-line.

There is also a wonderfully supportive community on Facebook where you can see lots of sample layouts too. Everyone is friendly and will jump in and help if you have a query.

Good luck with the competition and happy scrapping

15 thoughts on “Win My Memories Suite V2 Scrapbooking Software

  1. My wonderful friend Kimmie has had me thinking a lot about my family and where I come from lately because she has been doing digital scrapbooking of her amazing family. I really like the “My Heritage Pack”. Thank you for the opportunity to try and win the MyMemories program.

  2. Hi Cat! I have just found you through MM and I don’t even own a copy yet LOL! I’m now your follower here and have liked you on FB and commented on a few of your photos and posts. My favorite kit of yours is Jungle Bunny Papers, and especially the preview squares you use! Those little squares have my brain thinking of all kinds of ways to use them, digital and hybrid LOL. 2nd runner up is Dog Tails Embellishments, the 2 filigree designs and orange rose and rusty looking border – heck, the whole darn thing – caught my eye. I would love if you would make a kit using lots of orange and shades of orange, I really love orange hehe. Glad you have lots of purple though, because when I win the program I will have purple to scrap pages for my youngest daughter :o)

    Many blessings!! Deborah
    Deborah/JoyfullyOrange on FB
    I didn’t know if I needed to leave 3 separate comments or not for the 3 entries to win the program.
    see, I really do love orange ;o)

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  4. Can MM be used to create and design kits with? Papers, elements, etc. I’m hoping to start using a program that will let me move into that when I get there. Still hoping to win a copy even if I can just use it to make layouts with quickly and easily! It takes too long for me to do that right now using GIMP.

    • I never could get on with Gimp – My memories is so much easier, though I would say not the right programme for designing. It is perfect for scrapping and other crafts. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or PSP would be more suited to designing.

  5. I like Babylove because of the adorable lamb and ducks and stars. I also like the Pinkadink because I don’t like boring text titles. Thanks for the chance to win! I don’t have a Facebook account so hopefully my one entry is very lucky. :)

    • Monica, if you like Babylove I can almost guarentee that you’ll love Honey Bunny which appeared in store yesterday. I’m interested in what you say about kit titles – mine just sort of come into my head – lol there are some funny things going on in my head!

  6. Looking forward to the orange kit Cat! Since it is fall, maybe you could throw some gorgeous leaves and sunflowers in and a pumpkin or two LOL! (not jack-o-lanterns, just regular gourds) I thought your MM giveaway ended Wednesday (yesterday) but I’m not finding a post. Then again, I could be wrong and chalk it up to newbieness ;o)

    Many Blessings!! Deborah/JoyfullyOrange

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